Sorry for the slow response here, but I have been away for the last week and am just getting settled back in!

     Aside from some minor typos pointed out by Dick Ferris and Jon Romney, I received no other comments on the 25 July VSI-H specification I distributed to you about 2 weeks ago.  I have made these minor fixes and have attached the final VSI-H (Revision 1.0) specification dated 7 August 2000.  Please feel free to distribute this spec as you wish, but please destroy (or at least keep to yourself) all earlier ones to minimize confusion.  I will notify GVWG (Richard Schilizzi) and Wolfgang Schleuter (IVS) that VSI-H is now a reality.

    Again, I wish to thank everyone who has contributed to this effort.  Indeed, it has been my pleasure to work and interact with all of you.  As I don't expect that VSI-H will be a static specification, I will look forward to further interactions with you in the future.  Next step, VSI-S!

Regards and thanks, Alan


The changes to the 25 July 00 draft are:


p.3 Prologue

A superfluous comma after 'Jon'.


p.16 12.1.2 Suggested..., first sentence:

'signal' should be plural


p.16 12.1.2 Note 2:

'enable' requires an 's' too.