In the last three weeks I have received only one e-mail (copied below), from Dick Ferris, with minor errors to fix in the last draft version.  I have fixed these, plus I have added a page of 'history and acknowlegements' at the beginning which I though appropriate.  The updated version is attached.

     Although I set 15 July as the original deadline for comments, I have been traveling and unable to send a reminder.  In addition, I have made the modifications indicated above.  So I think it appropriate to extend the deadline for comments to Friday, 21 July.  If no substantive objections to the attached version are heard by 21 July, we shall declare VSI-H version 1.0 to be finalized and ready for distribution.  At that point I will formally notify Richard Schilizzi (GVWG) and Wolfgang Schleuter (IVS) that the VSI-H version 1.0 specification is complete and seek their advice for notification and distribution to the wider VLBI community.  Please let me know if this procedure is not satisfactory for some reason.

    Thanks again to everyone.

Regards, Alan



Dick Ferris's e-mail follows:


Hi Alan,

I am happy with the recent changes.


The break has made it possible to read the document with fresh eyes.

Consequently here are a few more minor items you may wish to fix before

going public.


p.1 ToC

Entries for 8.2 and 8.3 are transposed. [done - ARW]


p.8 8.3 'Speed-up/Slow-down Data Reproduce'

The noun form, 'Reproduction', would sit better with the rest of the

headings. Change here would also affect the ToC entry above. [done - ARW]


p.8 8.3 "The rates of ...'

'RCLOCK' belongs in this list too. [done - ARW]


p.10 10.1 Table 1 'PDATA', p.12 10.4 Table 6 'QDATA'

The serial format for P/QDATA is incompletely specified (unless it is

somewhere else?). Needs 'one stop bit, no parity'. This is already the

spec for the control interface in item 1 on p.18. [done - ARW]


pp.10-11 10.1 'Table 2 notes:' ff

The table notes have become separated from their table with no obvious

link between them. Judicious use of "keep with next" or some other

formatting device would keep them together. [not done, sorry - ARW]


p.14 12.1.1 First sentence.

Presently missing a preposition. Suggest replacing "only the use" by

"the use of only". [done - ARW]


p.16 12.1.6 Notes:1

Trim the 's' off 'comprises' and append it to 'cable'. [done - ARW]


p.20 14.2 End of second para

'.. as discussed above' is now 'below'. [done - ARW]


p.21 14.4 Reference to pulsar timing in Section 10.4.

There's nothing about pulsars in 10.4 now.... [fixed - ARW]


p.23 15.1 General fRBSI

Strictly speaking the relation should be fRBSI<=fDPSCLOCK*2^n, where 2^n

is the optional speedup factor. Perhaps it would be better if such

information was not repeated in the Glossary anyway. (Also line

above, fBSI.) [done - ARW]


p.26 Figure 2.

'BSIR' is now 'fBSI', 3 places. [done - ARW]


p.27 Figure 5.

Caption box needs extending (then recentering) to reveal the last word,

"Definitions" [done - ARW]


p.29 Figure 7.

In the pdf version of this distribution, the vertically orientated word

"Sample" at time t0 has been "exploded" off the page. This has not

happened in the .ps file, so is presumably a bug in the V4 version of

Adobe Distiller used to create the pdf. V3 Distiller successfully

converts the .ps to pdf.

Also the "12" floating above "K" in "(at CLOCK rate)", 2 places, is

almost lost, as is "Undefined" behind the hashing in the bottom two

waveforms. These may be effects of the .doc to .pdf conversion. [done - ARW]