change in gather run-line syntax

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change in gather run-line syntax

Postby rj_cappallo » 19 Dec 2014, 19:03

A problem transpired recently when a user mistakenly forgot to put the output filename in the run string when using gather. Since the old argument list was just a variable-length list of input filenames followed by one output filename, there was the potential for a user to forget the output filename, thus overwriting the last of the input filenames with the union of the first n-1 files.

The solution that was chosen was to mandate that there be a -o immediately before the output filename. If the 2nd to last argument is not a -o, then the program will quit with a proper usage message. Thus the new format looks something like:

gather /mnt/disks/*/*/data/scanname1.vdif -o /ofile_path/scanname1.vdif

A corresponding change, invisibile to the user, was made within gator, so that it would create a run-line in the new format.

The new code will show up in release 1.0.7, which will be released in a few days time by Chet.

- Roger
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